V-Belts and Pulleys


We stock a very large selection of standard and cogged V-belts.

  • 3L, 4L, 3V, 3VX, A, B and other sizes
  • Almost any other sizes available to order

Need a V-belt? Here are the measurements we need:

  • The Outside Diameter of the V-belt (a flexible tailor’s tape measure works best for this)
  • The belt width
  • Any numbers or writing on the belt

Also, if you can bring in the old belt, we will measure it for you to make sure we get it right.


We also carry the most common sizes of V-belt Pulleys, and the , and as always we can order the odd one we don’t have.

  • Fixed bore
  • H-bushings and others
  • Variable-Pitch
  • Multi-Groove
  • Cast Iron Stocked, but Pressed Steel is available

Need a pulley? Here’s what we need to know:

  • Pulley OD
  • Bore Size (this is the same as the size of the shaft that the pulley mounts on)
  • What size belt? (A, B, C, 3L, 4L, 5L, etc.)
  • Material (cast iron is the most common, but pressed steel is out there)
  • Any numbers on the pulley are also very helpful!